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No matter what you need from a Mitsubishi Delica to a Ferrari 458 Italia or possibly a Suzuki Swift we are here for you. With around 23 years plus Automotive Buying history, we certainly have the skill set to support your Auto buying quest.


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People have different needs and requirements when it comes to cars. Also time and learning a new system can be difficult to manage. With this in mind, we have our Japan Car Request system for our members where we do the searching for you.

It’s great if you can search also but we will certainly do our best to find the best cars that fit your criteria. Please read below on how to use this system.

  1. Please provide as much information as possible including Auction Grades, Mileage, and Colour
  2. Note that if you have too many options it will be difficult to find targets
  3. You must be a paid-up member to use this service (we require a refundable deposit)
  4. Please be specific about your criteria and note if these cars can enter your country prior to submitting this form.


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We, Will, support you with your new imported car from japan all the way

Some Great Reason Why You Should Buy A Japanese Import Car

Japanese Imports or Cars from Japan as we prefer to say are global. We have exported thousands of great automobiles to happy buyers over the years and there is one main reason why people keep coming back.


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Regular Servicing & Service Records
Theres a good chance the car will arrive with service history.

Japanese cars are mostly regularly serviced by their owners. Due to Japanese paranoia, you will find that most cars have regular maintenance history. Japanese car owners are quite strict about Auto Servicing. A great reason to buy your next great used car from Japan.

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Regular Car Upgrades & Late Model Cars
Most cars are recycled fast in Japan which means a newer car will be exported.

The Japanese public is a huge consumer for newly manufactured cars either from Japan or imported models from abroad. Cars lose value here very quickly due to hefty taxes and maintenance fees not to mention the exciting new car in incentives.

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We will help you import your new car from Japan. Our website has some great helpful links and resources.

It’s simply mind-blowing just how many cars are available for sale here in Japan on a weekly basis. The volume of cars from Japan exported from Japan on a monthly basis would surprise most. Japan is possibly the best place to buy your new car.