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Auction Negotiation

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Auction Negotiation

Frequently auctions cars will not sell. The owner has the choice of pulling the car from auction that day or releasing it for negotiation. If decides to release it we can now go ahead and start negotiating.

Negotiating is done by phone call from the auction to the owner and the auction back to auction agent. At no point will your owner have contact with the owner direct.

This starts by checking the negotiation start price. This will never be less that the final unsold price. To negotiate at any auction we must either fax the auction our offer or send the offer via pc using the auctions online software and then by phone as described above.. We cant do the following once this starts.

  • We cant ask the owner directly
  • Negotiating the next day is not possible
  • Ask for a lesser price than the starting price
  • Dance on 1 foot while drinking a beer
  • Once auction has finished for the day so have negotiations
  • Once we start negotiating we cant stop the process unless the owner refuses our offer or we refuse a counter offer

So once we have the start price and you the client agree to starting the negotiation process we are 100% committed and cant go back unless the car owner refuses our offer. The owner will occasionally test their luck and push for a higher fee. At this point we can either agree or refuse. If we refuse its over . for us and we can bid on other cars another day.

If we win the car you will be invoiced as usual and sent the car accordingly.

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