Should I Use A Local Agent?

Is it worth using an Import Agency?

Should I Use A Local Agent?

Is it worth using an Import Agency?
Yes, this question about Should I Use A Local Agent? is one that often pops in conversations with clients. In reality, much of this question can be answe
However, you must keep in mind the following. We pay tax on every car you buy. When you are buying cars under

Loyalty System

How it works

Ok, it’s very simple,

Over the years of doing this, we learnt that everyone wants to or will buy 40 cars per month. In fact, they buy 1 or 2

We have always promoted an honesty system and it seemed to work for us but the buyers didn’t follow the system. With this in mind, we have a simple solution for you bulk buyers that is foolproof and works for everyone.


  • On your first month, you pay a normal fee
  • The second month’s fees will be discounted according to the volume you purchased the month before
  • When and if we say goodbye to each other the first month’s purchases will be reimbursed to you



Cars from Japan

Buys cars direct from Japan
Japan is full to the coastline with American cars, German and Italian cars and many more cars from global manufacturers. Japan is a wealthy country and the Japanese love nothing more than a near new or new car parked in their driveway. Owning a car is one of the luxu

Auction Negotiation

How to negotiate on cars at auction
Frequently auctions cars will not sell. The owner has the choice of pulling the car from auction that day or releasing it for negotiation. If decides to release it we can now go ahead and start negotia

Why pay a deposit?

Why do you need a deposit?
Why do I need to pay a deposit to bid?


Quite simply we need to pay for every car we buy from auction almost immediately. Japanese Car Auctions are not that generous where they let us buy without payment. If we have to pay for the car on your behalf its only fair that you make a small contribution towards paying your new car.

Your deposit will be deducted from the total once we finally secure your car for you from the seller.

What is an auction agent

Who are Auto Trader Imports

What about Auto Trader Imports
We are certified auction agents and Japanese used car exporters. We offer access to over 150 auctions throughout Japan on a weekly basis with free access to over 135,000 cars to our online

Do you accept Trade-Ins

Can I trade my car
There are many cars out there we would dearly love to own or have on offer on our website but we can own all the cars on offer. Sa

Monthly Payments

Auto Financing
Unless you have some super great deal going with the boss or are prepared to give us something of the same value we cant accept monthly payments. We are in different countries and monthly payments do not work.

What is an auction agent

Japanese Auction Agent
A Japanese Car Auction Agent is normally an approved motor vehicle trader here in Japan. They should be approved as second hand dealers and be licensed this way by the Japanese police if they operate a website or are exporting vehicles. Not all agents have this so check first. Use our contact link below if you need more information about this.
The community forum is simply there for you and other members to talk and discuss items that we cant cover here. Basically anything automotive pertaining to importing and exporting cars from auctions
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