German Cars

Do you have German cars?

German Cars

Do you have German cars?
However, weirdly enough there are so many cars from Germany on the streets of Japan you must start to wonder just where these great cars from Bavaria were actually made, to which we all know the a

Should I Use A Local Agent?

Is it worth using an Import Agency?
Yes, this question about Should I Use A Local Agent? is one that often pops in conversations with clients. In reality, much of this question can be answe

Cars from Japan

Buys cars direct from Japan
Japan is full to the coastline with American cars, German and Italian cars and many more cars from global manufacturers. Japan is a wealthy country and the Japanese love nothing more than a near new or new car parked in their driveway. Owning a car is one of the luxu

Who are Auto Trader Imports

What about Auto Trader Imports
We are certified auction agents and Japanese used car exporters. We offer access to over 150 auctions throughout Japan on a weekly basis with free access to over 135,000 cars to our online

Do you accept Trade-Ins

Can I trade my car
There are many cars out there we would dearly love to own or have on offer on our website but we can own all the cars on offer. Sa

What is an auction agent

Japanese Auction Agent
A Japanese Car Auction Agent is normally an approved motor vehicle trader here in Japan. They should be approved as second hand dealers and be licensed this way by the Japanese police if they operate a website or are exporting vehicles. Not all agents have this so check first. Use our contact link below if you need more information about this.
The community forum is simply there for you and other members to talk and discuss items that we cant cover here. Basically anything automotive pertaining to importing and exporting cars from auctions
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