Coronavirus & Exporting Cars

Coronavirus & Exporting Cars

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Coronavirus & Exporting Cars

Yes even with the coronavirus at large and wreaking havoc out there we are still exporting cars. We are not sure how long this will continue but for now, we can export cars to you from Japan. It’s a nasty time for everyone and our sympathy goes out to anyone who has suffered during this time. Business must go on if possible as it keeps us all healthy and relieves the mind of the dramas around us.

Be Sensible And Check First

We can’t keep up with the constant changes for each country at this time so before you buy please check. 1. Is the port open? 2. Are ships allowed? 3. Can you leave home? 4. Is the bank open? 5. Is buying a car at this time really that important?

Our office is open and we continue to sell cars until we can no longer do so. Talk to us at any time to get more information about Car Exports from Japan during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Unity during Coronavirus pandemic


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