New Zealand Car Imports

New Zealand Car Imports

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New Zealand Car Imports From Japan

Yes, importing cars to New Zealand from Japan is still very alive and well. We have been exporting cars from Japan to New Zealand for many years now and see little slowing down. New Zealand car imports have always gone from strength to strength even with new rules often coming into play.

We are on top of these rule changes and act promptly to ensure our New Zealand based car buyers are up to speed with any changes in rules and regulations the government or VTNZ has imposed at any time.

Kiwis Buying Cars For Kiwis

We have been in Japan for about 18 years or so now but our heart is still deep inside New Zealand. Being a Kiwi I want to ensure any Kiwi buying a car through this website receives the best quality and transparent service from us possible. It’s a Kiwi first thing.

New Zealand Car Imports
New Zealand Car Imports Direct from the Auto Trader Japan

Importing Cars From Japan

Importing cars from Japan is not difficult and is easily achieved. Do the import yourself and cut out all middlemen fees along the way. Its not brain surgery and all the steps are in place for you to do it all yourself from our door in Japan to your door in New Zealand. We will guide you along the way to ease the process and keep it simple.

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Importing Cars To New Zealand