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What is an auction agent

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What is an auction agent

Ok so your looking to or thinking about buying a new car from Japan. Its quite easy and if you read our articles here you will find out how its done.

However there is one vital item you will need and this is an auction agent. Yes this is what we are and what we do.

A Japanese Car Auction Agent is normally an approved motor vehicle trader here in Japan. They should be approved as second hand dealers and be licensed this way by the Japanese police if they operate a website or are exporting vehicles. Not all agents have this so check first. Use our contact link below if you need more information about this.

The auction agent will have access to some or all of the car auctions here in Japan. Some will have more than others. We for example have access to all auctions nationwide throughout Japan.

With this access we can bid on cars for our clients behalf. When you place a bid you may feel like its actually you doing the bidding when in fact it is the auction agent bidding for you via their approved auction access.

We the auction agent must bid for you. There is no exception to this as Japanese Car Auction systems are very complicated. We can either bid direct at the Auction house or bid from our office using specialised bidding equipment.

An auction agent will normally organise all aspects of shipping and logistics for you also to your destination port.

Contact us here for information.


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