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Welcome To Our Customer Loyalty Program


Yes, we have a loyalty program. Like any other system, your purchases are rewarded. Any incentive is a good one so please read on for Membership Fees.

The incentive we offer is based on a monthly vehicle buying volume. To begin with our flat fee for a single car up to the value of 2 million Japanese yen is very reasonable everybody wins anyway. So this on its own is a good reason to give us a try.Auto Trader Imports Logo

However here we will start to explain the Agent Fee structure for you in a little bit more detail. There is nothing shocking in an Agent Fee and many items need to be considered along the way. Remember that many fees must be paid when buying any car from the auction here in Japan. It’s not a free ride for us sadly as much as we would love it to be.

When buying a car for $1,000 or $100,000 the fees do not change much except the auction fee may be a little higher for the $100,000 car and we must pay a larger tax fee on the more expensive taxable item. As your car purchase increases so do the agent fees to some small extent. Contact us directly for your fee when buying cars over 2 million JPY or read here for more information.

Agent Fees differ from agent to agent and company to company. Our system is quite simple and unique to us. We manage to combine all the cost associated with buying your car into one single fee for you, making life simple.

Below is a basic graph and the costs associated in order of priority when buying any car, truck, van or whatever from the auction here in Japan. Yes, it is colorful and there are many costs that need to be accounted for. Every Agent in Japan has the same associated costs when buying cars from auction.


Associated costs in each Agent Fee

Auction Fee, yes we must pay the auction a fee when buying any car. The auctions charge the seller and us the buyer, and the auction takes the lions share
Inland Transport from Auction to the nearest shipping port. This price only varies from two Auctions out of 150 Nationwide.
Consumption Tax which nobody can escape. We would love not to pay tax but its not possible
Port Charges. The port must process your car for shipment
De - Registration. Since your car is leaving Japan for a new life with you it must be de-registered
Health Check. Every car leaving Japan has a health check. This is not an inspection but a special government imposed check
Incremental's. Items such as admin, courier, driving to official government agencies, processing etc. Every car is a little unique
Auto Trader Imports. After all of the above we are left with about 17% from each fee.


Why Using Our Service Is Good For You

As you can see for the chart above there are many associated fees when buying any car for you before anything comes our way. So, in reality, the more you buy the more we all get rewarded to some extent and this structure is made for everyone to win.

Many Japanese Auction Agents like to hide or not disclose their fees as its an easy way to get you the buyer into the web. At the same time, they may offer you a normal fee and then include extras that you didn’t know about later. Our fee includes all items we listed above and there are no additional costs to you unless we specifically tell you beforehand.

A normal agent fee can be anywhere from 95,000 JPY to 140,000 JPY per unit and every agent is different as we stated above. Our goal is to minimize your stress and fear about buying cars from Japan and we help in the following way.


Look Here

  • Low-Cost Fees 
  • Fully Transparent Service
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Fair and Reliable Trading Practices
  • Great Information
  • Shipping is not Included
  • Full Auction Access
  • Free Translations
  • Free Membership
  • English Spoken


How the Enhanced Value Savings Work

Now look below at the chart and see how our fee structure suits you best. Loyalty rewards are re-embursed the following month for your given fee structure. For more information on this please follow this link here where it is explained in more detail.

Loyalty Chart

  • 1 to 2 Cars Per Month = 105,000 JPY pc
  • 3 to 5 Cars Per Month = 90,000 JPYpc
  • 6 to 9 cars Per Month = 80,000 JPY pc
  • 10 to 15 Cars Per Month = 70,000 JPY pc
  • 16 + Cars Per Month = 60,000 JPY pc

I am an individual buyer and I will buy maybe 1 or 2 cars per year

I am a company buyer and I will possibly buy multiple units per month

Working With Us

There are new markets emerging every year in this business and old ones becoming flooded just as fast as dealers get hungry for the never ending supply of cars from Japan. We are always staying up to date with market trends and country product demands.

It does not matter to us if you are a dealer or an individual, we have a package structure that suits you. No extra fees for all concerned is a win in everyway so contact us today for your new cars from Japan

You can always contact us the following ways.

Talk to you soon.


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