Payments and Deposits

Make your deposit or bank transfer with the provided data below

Payment Deposits and Money Transfers

Making a Deposit or Payment is easy here with access to our online English Speaking Banking Service!

Making a payment? We use HSBC Hong Kong for all our international transfer payments because 90% of our customers are English speakers.

Payments and Bank Transfers

HSBC also processes  faster than Japanese banks which means we can send your new car to you faster!

For TT transfers simply copy the details below for your bank transfer!

Making a deposit on a car is easy with Paypal.!

Why Paypal? We use this service as it has grown to be accepted globally for moderately sized financial  payments that need to be processed quickly.From most countries your Paypal payment will be complete within 1 hour unlike the banks which can take up to 3 days.

Why do we ask for a deposit? We cant buy a car for you without a deposit in our system. We have around 120 people every day asking us to buy cars.

It is vital for you that we offer the best service and we can only do this for our members with paid up deposits in the system



If you are interested in a car  secure it now using our Paypal deposit link below.

A $1000 US deposit is industry standard to secure a vehicle from our website.*Note that deposits are refundable and can also be used to purchase a car at any time now or in the future. *Refer to our terms and conditions*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Thank you for your deposit. One of our staff members will notify you upon the PayPal notification of your funds being received.

Bank Transfers

Please use this information provided below for your bank transfer. Transfer time may vary depending upon country so please see our FAQ section for transfer times.
Account Name
Auto Trader Imports co  Ltd
004 (optional)
Account No.
Swift Code
1 Queens Road, Hong Kong
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