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Fees & More

Our objective is to make this website and buying a Japanese Import as easy as possible. Our fees are well below average, however our service is exceptional,

Simply contact us at any time for a full breakdown of our fees and more plus any questions that you may have about importing a used car!ati


Fess to buying a car from Japan sound complex but it really is quite straight forward and we have a great buying plan in place that will hopefully keep you interested during your buying cycle.

Our buying style is built around your involvement 100% of the way and that is how we maintain a solid customer base.

Every one obviously has questions about how to import a car from Japan, like “How much does it cost, When does my paper work arrive, How long does it take, Can I import Motorcycles etc” and the list goes on. For these types of questions please refer to our FAQ page here.


With this page below and our other information areas hopefully we have answered some off these questions for you.


FOB Charges & Misc Charges

Your invoice final price (total sum) shown is calculated based on the following charges.

The vehicle price is the price the vehicle was purchased for at the auction on the day.

The fees covered by our FOB fees are as follows;

a. Auction purchase fee – This is a fee paid to the auction hall upon successful purchase of a vehicle at auction. This fee,which average approximately 15,000 ~ 20,000 JPY, is included in our FOB fee.

b. Customs clearance charge – This is a fee required to clear a vehicle through customs upon shipment from Japan. This fee off 15,000 JPY is included in our FOB fee.

c. Documentation Postal fee – Documents such as Bills of Lading, Invoices, Vehicle Registration Certificates and the like will be posted to our customers using EMS or DHL during shipment of the vehicle. This fee is also included in our FOB fee.

d. Documentation fees – This is a handling fee required to transfer the ownership of the vehicle and to declare that the vehicle is to be exported from Japan. This fee off 3,000 JPY is included in our FOB fee.

e. Transport fee – 9,000 JPY is the inland transportation charge to transport the vehicle from the auction hall where the vehicle was purchased to the specified port of shipment is covered in our FOB fee. The remaining amount will be invoiced as ” Extra Transport Charges” and is paid by the customer.

f. Our commission – This covers our pre-auction inspections, post-auction inspections (if requested), as well as our translation. Information of other aspects off our fees can be found below.

g. Japan charges buyers of car 5% tax surcharge on all vehicles purchased from auction in
Japan.This fee is paid 100% by us and is not charged to our customers!

h. We have constructed a generous buying plan for our customers that includes incentives and
rewards for all who use our service. Please contact support to see the buying plan .

B. Any vehicle registered in Japan must have what is known as the Recycle Ticket attached with its registration documents.
This is an amount of money deposited with the Japanese government authority (Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center)for the purpose of recycling vehicles under the Japanese Automotice Recycle Law, and is paid by the owner of the vehicle upon registration and at subsequent change of ownership.
When a vehicle is purchased at the auction,the buyer Auto Trader Imports must pay the auction this recycle ticket fee (we do not charge you).

C. Some vehicles may incur extra fees due to unforeseen factors such as size issues etc.
Vehicles that may be effected are “non running, agricultural, large vehicles, accident damaged cars with major mechanical issues”
Containerising cars will also most likely incur extra fees due to vanning etc.
Please ask for more information on these fees prior to purchase.

D. Ocean Freight is a fee accrued at the time of shipment.Depending on the port of destination,the ocean freight can either be paid at the arriving port upon the arrival of the vehicle, or prepaid to the shipping company upon the vehicle’s departure from Japan.
We will not add on any extra charges for ocean freight at our end.

E. A normal agent fee is anywhere from 70,000 JPY to 110,000 JPY Depending upon many factors these fees vary. This structure covers any car up to the first 1.0 million JPY spent at auction Our fees are set up in this area. You may possibly qualify for a different structure depending upon volume and payment speed. Please apply below here to see what fee structure we can offer you.

Our FOB Fee includes our commission, translation services, pre- auction inspections, auction purchase fees,storage fees (free up to a certain 30 number of days depending on the storage yard involved), customs clearance fees, documentation fees,and a 9,000 JPY of the transportation is included in the fee.

Fees and More

Fees and More

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