RoRo or Container Shipping?

There are two preferred shipping methods which vary depending upon country and frequency of the shipping line. One is RoRo Roll on Roll of, and the other is container shipment. Below is a brief introduction to both.

RoRo Shipping

Possibly the most preferred and most economical method of shipping cars. Vehicles are driven onto huge multi level ships by trained staff and then secured to the ship floor using anchor points underneath of the vehicle. There is no way the car will move.

RoRo is great for the shipping of more than one unit and is normally less expansive than using a container as there is no *vanning required.

RoRo is used on more frequent shipping lines and is very efficient. Please ask your Auto Trader Imports contact representative for more information.

Container Shipping

Container shipping is exactly as the name suggests.

Why do we still use containers? One reason is some people want there cars protected 110% from any outside element. This is where a closed and sealed container meets the need. Vehicles are carefully placed in either 20″ or 40″ containers depending on numbers and then they are secured in place around the axles etc and fastened to the container itself. Japanese are very good at this and have perfected this to a near perfect business. Loading a car into a container is called *Vanning.

The second reason containers are still used is for infrequent shipping lines.  If your country is not a major importer of used vehicles the shipping company will use containers as they can have containers with different items going to the same country. ( dont worry your container will only have a car inside )

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