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We want to stand out from the crowd

The car exporting business is a very crowded business these days so we believe it’s prudent for us to let you the potential buyer know how we can help you import a car from Japan with ease and confidence.
Change the way you buy cars from japan
We are global and have exported cars to nearly every country that you can name. Here are just some of the online services we offer.

We offer a complete car buying service for any prospective buyer considering buying a car from Japan. We cater to all and ensure that everyone has that special point of difference when it comes to importing your cars from abroad. Read here about some of the services we offer.

Import Your Car From Japan With Confidence

We aim to take your concerns away when you import your car from Japan. From the auction to your door we handle all logistics while you relax and wait for your new car from Japan.

Auction Inspections Provided By Professionals

Car auctions in Japan are becoming increasingly sophisticated and their inspection systems are legendary. We can back this with pre-requested personal inspections.

You Dont Need To Understand Japanese

Many people have justified concerns that understanding Japanese increases the difficulty when buying a car from Japan. Not with us as we liaise in 100% English only.

Total Coverage Of The Japan Car Network

With our long established business pedigree we have picked up some great automotive coverage in Japan over the years and have unprecedented access nationwide.

Auction sheets translated from Japanese to English Car shipping and logistics from Japan with the services we offer Car shipping and logistics from Japan with the services we offer
Multi Lingual Website For Ease Of Use

Even if English is not your first language our homepage here and our auction website are both available in multiple languages. Expert on page translations will put you even more at ease.

Door To Door Vehicle Delivery As Requested

We offer either roro shipping or Container with both having door to door options as requested. We also send all official documents by DHL. We dont cut corners.

Car shipping and logistics from Japan with the services we offer

Many Cars Still To Come

We have imported quite a few cars over the years and have now been using Mark and Co for about 5 years. Been a walk in the park and things have been bonza to date. We couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough if we tried, and that’s straight up.

Johnny Ratliff
Perth Australia