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Shipping & Logistics

Shipping is easy, Follow the five steps below and you are will on your way to import your first Japanese car!

If you know this shipping information already we suggest that you simply skip this step and go directly to the Auction or Dealer Stock pages.


Shipping and import procedures

We take care of all the shipping arrangements for you from the moment you purchase your new car. Depending on which country you reside in, shipping will either be prepaid in Japan or paid when the vessel reaches your shores. It is advisable to have a customs agent prepared to receive your documents sometime prior to the vessel arriving, as this will speed the delivery up for you. We always will be available to assist in any way we can so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions. Below we have outlined the steps needed from start to finish from the beginning when you first choose your new import, through to the moment when you drive away. Just click on any of the steps listed to see what is needed for shipping your new car.


How do I
pick a car?
1.If you have not decided what to buyHave a look at auction
Contact us2.If you have to know the exact model you are looking to buyPersonal car finder
Have a look at auction
How do I choose and order?1.Let us help youUse our live help and be guided throughout
2.Use the auction EstimatePick your car and we will inspect it when you decide
3.I know what I wantUse the online order form and place a request
Pay your deposit and start bidding
Wait for one of our staff to call and tell you if we had success.
PaymentWe will invoice youPayment needs to be sent within 48 hours of invoicing
We will contact you when the funds have arrived
Shipment & Documents1.BookingsShipping will be organized by Please wait for us to advise you of departure and ETA. Please note that shipping companies operate on a first come first served basis.
2.We, Will, use either container or ro/roDepending on your location we will use either method
3.DocumentsDocuments will be couriered only once the vessel is underway, as this is standard practice for all export companies.
Bill of Lading.This is an extremely important document which signifies the ownership of the vehicle. You will not be able to collect your car without this document.
Export Certificate. Customs require this as it contains all the important information about your new car. This can be faxed earlier if required.
Invoice. Vital proof of what you paid for your car.
4.InsuranceYes we can organize insurance for you Insurance is a one time payment of 20.00 US and can be added to your invoice. Click this link if you want insurance added.
Customs documents1.Which one?We are more than happy to recommend or just look in the local directory Please email us with any special requests
2.What Documents do I need?Take everything described above and anything else that may help
3.Important infoPlease take into account! Local taxes. Inland transportation. Compliance (some countries ) Storage. Wharf fees. Any hidden charges.
Customs clearance1.Final noticeour car has nearly arrived Your customs agent will contact you and inform you of when it all is going to happen. Please contact him or her at least 1 week prior. This is all subject to change.
2.Pay the moneyPay the required amount to your customs agent
3.Prepare for collectionEither prepare to collect the car yourself or have a transport company do it for you!
Drive your new car!Well done, You have your car! Please remember! Your new car may not have been driven for quite some time so please don’t go too hard. Please replace all fluids asap and any other vital items that require attention. You should have received photos from us so please compare them against the condition of your car and ensure that the car has not been damaged in shipping. Enjoy your new car!


  • After so long waiting I finally have my dream and she is a beauty. A little rough in spots as expected but the translation of the auction sheet was accurate. Its an old car so my expectations are or were not high anyway. Overall I am very happy and looking forward to some man time with my new boxer.Grant from USA

RoRo Vs Container


RoRo value for money


RoRo vehicle care and safety


RoRo Shipping speed


Container value for money


Container care and safety



  • RoRo is easy
  • RoRo does not require vanning
  • Container is yours
  • Container is sealed
  • Both have good points


  • Mixed with other cars
  • None
  • Maybe its a mixed container
  • Damage may occur with vanning
  • Some countries dictate container
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