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Why pay for auction access when we provide it here absolutely free!

Free Auction Access

There is nothing tricky about Japanese auctions and using them. In fact its a lot of fun.

On our auction database, we have collected over 18,825 users and counting as of writing this entry. Not one of those members has ever been charged a fee for using our auction service.

With 130,000 to 150,000 cars on view weekly throughout auctions in Japan its a good idea to check here first if you are considering a new car.

We will not charge you $1 until you are ready to buy. That’s our promise. If you want to see,

  • More JDM cars in one place than you have ever seen before
  • Quality Classic cars and youngtimers, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW, Lancia, ETC
  • Buy alongside dealers and save at auction prices
  • Looking for great trucks, vans, buses or machinery and more
  • Left-hand drive imported cars manufactured to your country spec (check first)
  • This is where all dealer stock originates from

Our job is to assist you through the process and gently ease you into the driver’s seat when using the auction. You won’t be alone. Get onto our live support if you need help at any time between 8 am and 7 pm Monday to Friday Japan time.

If you want to know the process first please go direct to the How To Buy page for more information, or click the button below and proceed to sign up for your free auction access.


Deposit refund guaranteed
Free auction sheet translations
Free port photos after buying
130,000 cars in one place
English speaking staff
No bidding fee
Inspections welcome
Online support
All auctions online
Transparent service

Look at the great examples from auctions here all over Japan


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