Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions for using our website and auction service.
Please note Autotraderimports.com is a website owned by Usedcars.Co Ltd a Japanese owned company based in Chiba Japan. For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions Usedcars.Co Ltd will be referred to as Autotraderimports.com .

About Deposits

Terms and Conditions: Autotraderimports.com may require a deposit of 100,000 JPY or 30% deposit of the intended purchase price. This is determined at by Autotraderimports.com depending on the individual customer.ati

Autotraderimports.com will refund deposits upon cancellation PRIOR TO PURCHASE less any costs incurred for physical inspections, bank service charges, and administration fees. These costs will be deducted from the deposit prior to refund. Furthermore, we cannot control, and will not be responsible for fluctuations in exchange rates and banking fees. All Pay-pal refunds are subject to PayPal’s fees which are the client’s obligation to pay after Autotraderimports.com costs have been covered. Deposits will not be refunded on cars purchased from stock under any circumstance once shipping is underway. The money-back-guarantee applies to deposits only and is subject to the conditions written in our Terms and Conditions below.

Any deposit left in Autotraderimports.com system for longer than 6 months that has not been claimed by the payee will be considered forgotten and will remain the property of Autotraderimports.com. These Terms and Conditions are negotiable upon application to management.


Cancellation for cars purchased through the website Autotraderimports.com will only be accepted prior to purchase and will be subject to re-reimbursement of all costs incurred by Autotraderimports.com up to the point of cancellation including storage, transport, documentation, bank transfer fees, and any other incidentals. This also applies to cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances of the client’s personal situation, shipping delays, delays in shipment bookings, and fluctuations in exchange rates. We cannot accept responsibility for any delays or problems unforeseen or problems created by a third party.

Sounds heavy but its most common sense. When we buy a car for you we must pay the auction the same day or the following day for your car. Our risk, in reality, is far greater than yours. So no deposit no bid!

Auction Sheet Translations

Yes, we offer free auction sheet translations to deposit paid customers/members. If you do not have a deposit you are entitled to a maximum of 3 free translations before a deposit is to be paid. Our time needs to be accounted for.

About Our Service

Our service is purely used to source and secure vehicles in Japan on our client’s behalf.
Autotraderimports.com will inspect cars upon customers’ request. An additional fee may be required if we have to travel. All stock cars are purchased from the Internet directly and no guarantees are given to the accuracy of the information provided as it comes directly from the auction.
We will translate all auction sheets and report on the condition of the car ON THE DAY.

Autotraderimports.com is not a car dealer and it must be noted that we do not offer a warranty on any vehicle purchased on our customer’s behalf. All cars are purchased on an “as is where is basis”. The auctions provide a report on each car which will be available if requested. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this report as the auctions provide it and are compiled by auction staff, not Autotraderimports.com. All cars are purchased with a degree of risk; however, we will inspect the car on the day and report to our client what we see on the day if requested. If you need to purchase a warranty it would be advisable to see your local car dealer for assistance.

Responsabilaty & Liabilaty

Autotraderimports.com will not be liable or held responsible for any damage incurred leading up to, or during shipping. Nor will we enter into a negotiation or accept claims from any party. It must be noted that we are not the shipper and we take NO RESPONSIBILITY.

Autotraderimports.com can not be held responsible or liable for anything beyond its control relating.
This includes any damage or negligence by auction houses, shippers, transporters, shipping agents, natural disasters, mechanical failure or electrical corrosion, delays, or unscheduled stops or rules and regulations governing the customer’s individual importation laws. Furthermore, we cannot control and will not be responsible for fluctuations in exchange rates and banking fees. The company Usedcars.Co Ltd and associated websites will never at any point enter and contractual agreement prior to or after the purchase of items or services obtained through or company and websites.

Payment Terms

Full payment of the vehicle or vehicles must be paid within 48 hours of the vehicle purchase.
This payment will include all fees applicable to the particular purchase. If the client fails to make payment in an allotted time frame we will attempt to work with the client for a further negotiated amount of time if applicable. If the client fails again to meet this deadline or abandons the vehicle without contact Autotraderimports.com will re-auction or sell the car or cars at the customer’s expense. All bank fees, PayPal fees associated with vehicles payment are the resposabilaty of the client. We do not pay your bank fees unless otherwise stated. Please pay all fees when remitting your vehicle payment.


Autotraderimports.com will provide the customer with all Japanese documents necessary for importing the car only once payment has been made in full and we have received the documents ourselves. We will take no responsibility for customer’s negligence, postage failure or delays, natural disasters, or anything else that may cause delay or loss of these documents once they have left the office of Autotraderimports.com
Autotraderimports.com will not give out any personal information to third parties unless we are requested to do so legally or for the purposes of shipping and clearing of the vehicle. Nor will we sell the customer’s personal information without the express permission of the said customer.

Radiation Issues

Due to the current mandatory checks due to the Fukushima nuclear power station situation, Autotraderimports.com will do everything it can to avoid buying cars possibly affected by radiation for the stock and will take full responsibility for these stock vehicles. Any car purchased through an auction on behalf of any customer Autotraderimports.com will do everything possible within our limitations to advise the customer of a possible potential radiation risk prior to purchase. However, any car found to be over the Japanese mandatory limit will be re-auctioned and the customer will be re-reimbursed the balance after fees.


Usedcars.Co Ltd is registered 2nd hand dealers based in Chiba Japan. Any arising disputes will be dealt with in Japan under the Japanese legal system.

Cookies & IP Address

Autotraderimports.com may from time to time send our customers information about Autotraderimports.com and other associated business ventures and websites. By using our website services you the customer accepts this. Yes, we store some of your information which includes name, phone number, and email including your country of residence. Our auction websites will store your user name and details provided including your IP address. We do not have access to your passwords.

Auction Access Membership

Auction access is provided by the means of firstly making user name and password to either of our two auction websites. 1. https://japautoauctions.com/ 2. https://carauctionsjapan.com/

Your activation will be approved only once you agree to our simple terms of using our auction access.

a. You are provided 2 months free membership. Once the two months, free membership expires this rolls over to a paid $10 monthly subscription. The monthly subscription can be canceled at any time by yourself from within PayPal itself. We cant do this for you.

b. If you buy a car within the first 12 months of registration using our auction agent service your monthly previously paid subscription will be deducted from our agent fee which equates to zero monthly subscription in reality. This is available for one car only during the year and cant be used on consecutive purchases.

c. If the yearly subscription is not used for the purchase of a car it is used as a monthly subscription that allows you the user to use our online auction service indefinitely.

d. If you don’t use the yearly subscription to buy a car using our service the yearly fee does not roll over the subsequent year ( it is deemed payment for using our online auction service). The new year starts with a new monthly payment until either B or C takes effect in the clause above.

e. No refunds will be given for any reason. The subscription cant can not be used to buy from another exporter.

f. The 2-month free trial is a one time offer. If you cancel your subscription at the end of the 2-month trial and attempt to sign up again for another free two months your account will be frozen indefinitely. We have your IP address when you sign up.

g. Ninja access for non-members is limited and may be cut at any time. Ninja is available to our customers on a first-come first-served priority basis.

Final Note

We enforce our terms and conditions unless noted otherwise. Any possible alterations to these terms and conditions will be noted as “These Terms and Conditions are negotiable upon application to management”

We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. Please check here regularly.