Here are a few testimonials from our customers. They have been picked purely at random and we have not simply picked the best as you will see. It is an unbiased broad range of testimonials from over the last 6 years or so. Please enjoy and maybe one day we can have your review also.

Great Car and Great ServiceGreat Car and Great ServiceGreat Car and Great Service

This car arrived in very good condition and I am pleased with everything overall. I think to offer my rating as you requested I think this. Auction report 8, Your service 10, Shipping 8 Well done and thank you.

Malcolm FridayMalcolm FridayLOVE MY CAR

I want to say a big thank you to everyone at Auto Trader Imports who help me get this car. I spend so much money with the bank and you guys make my dream and money safe. You are good People. My family wish you well.

Martin from PolandMartin from PolandGood BMW 7 Series

Another great example has come thank you. We do more together in the future I think. This car is good and I like him. By the way the ship was slow this time

Kai PKai POver six years now

Honestly I have received so many good cars now from Japan its amazing! I was buying once from America but have not bought there for nearly 6 years. Thank you Graeme

Your Buddy Kai

E 500 LimitedE 500 Limited

I have had this car now for nearly 6 years from you Graeme and it is fabulous. I will send more photos soon. I have been looking online and prices seem to go higher now. I am very happy with this car.


Sakura CarsSakura Cars

All my cars have arrived and we are so pleased. Arigato to you Mike and Tomoko. We are looking forward to the next cars coming! I have a question though. Can I have direct access to the auction website as it will speed things up? Thanks again


Martin BMartin B

Thank you guys for my sons wonderful car


Grant USAGrant USA911 Lover

After so long waiting I finally have my dream and she is a beauty. A little rough in spots as expected but the translation of the auction sheet was accurate. Its an old car so my expectations are or were not high anyway. Overall I am very happy and looking forward to some man time with my new boxer.

Josh UbambaeJosh Ubambae

Hello Sir

Thank you for your service. I am have with everything you have done for me and all was described well.But my cruiser is now in for repair. I think the Jevic Inspection service is rubbish. My stars do not reflect your service brother but the Jevic rubbish inspection

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