The Nissan Skyline Is How JDM Started

Looking For A GTR But Cant Reach The Budget

These Nissan Skyline GT-T cars are highly tuneable and have similar characteristics

Not everyone car afford a Nissan Skyline GTR. In fact, some people actually prefer its less powerful sibling. With an engine that can be modified beyond imagination inexpensively, the Skyline GT-T or GTST is a great way to start your JDM career or whatever. This car was exported to Australia. Contact us for yours.

The Nissan Skyline Is How JDM Started

We love Nissan Skylines and this four-door Nissan Skyline GT-T is no exception. Nissan made a range of cars with engines that could be tuned beyond imagination. Japanese law put stupid restrictions on power output making most Japanese Domestic Market cars fairly darn lame unless you tuned them. This R34 Skyline is the grandson of a few generations of Skylines before it that taught many budding JDM enthusiasts all about tuning and performance on JDM cars.



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