USS Tokyo Fake Website

USS Tokyo Fake Website

USS Tokyo Fake Website. There are many websites out there using pictures and items from USS car auctions to gain traction on the internet. This is all good and well as USS has not protected its own backyard and forgot to register its name as a trademark or whatever.

The important bugbear here is that this website streams out from Sri Lanka and they are not even based in Japan. Yes, it looks all good and all but it’s in no way associated with USS Tokyo.

Normally we would leave a link to a website in good faith but in this case, we can’t bring ourselves to do so. USSTOKYO.COM this is much as we can give you without corrupting ourselves.

Why Are We Annoyed?

As a Japanese-based Car Exporter and Auction Agent, we are facing increased competition from bloggers and fakers outside of Japan offering a buying service in the guise that they are actually in Japan acting on the buyer’s behalf, when in fact 80% of them are not auction house members and use a Japanese based agent to bid for them.

In this instance, the website we mention uses the name of USS Tokyo but at no point do they mention that they are in any way affiliated or have any right to use the name. Nor do they mention that they are based outside of Japan. These people are misleading the automotive buying public and they should be called to at least state that they are not USS Tokyo but trade under the name.

Until they represent themselves correctly our advice is to use them with caution if you feel the need to use them at all.

If you really want to see some USS Cars please see our USS access here. This website will provide you with all cars from USS vehicle auctions throughout Japan.

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