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Order Your car using our simple order form.

Yes, We Buy To Order, you can simply order your car here and we will do all the work for you. Its that simple. Follow our simple guides below and you will be on the way to having a nearly new car or new from Japan very soon. Our buyer Graeme will look after you every step of the way.

Order Your New Car From Japan Using Our Proven Car Buying System

Are You Looking For A Special Car?

You have been looking and looking at all the car websites in Japan but that car in that special colour or the correct details just cant be found.

The simple problem is that dealers simply cant stock everything and having the best car will simply be snapped up quickly by smart buyers who will leave the second best car behind.

Buy The Car That Suits You 100%

Dont settle for any less than what you want when buying your car from Japan. We have access to more vehicles in one place than any single car dealer. Obtain the car you want with our service.

Dont Buy Static Car Stock! Get Fresh Options

Car dealer stock is static and often does not move, nor are the selections that great. Its also easy to pay over the markets value if you dont know the wholesale value.

Having Options When Buying Cars

Using our online buying system gives you more options. You pick your cars Colour, Mileage, Seating arrangements and so much more.

Get The Best Deal And Know What You Are Paying

Have you ever thought that you are paying too much for a car. We shoe the car costings and our fee is fixed. Simple!

How Does It Work?

Buying cars for people and we do it well.

For nearly 30 plus years we have been buying and selling cars successfully and made many great friends along the way. What we noticed some years back is that many people don’t have the luxury of time and can’t spend the hours it takes to find the right cars and then sadly will buy a car that they really did want. When we buy to order we prioritize you and ensure you get the correctly ordered car every time.

It’s an easy thing to do as we all get frustrated and we have less and less time in the fast-moving modern world. So we Take care of this for you. This is why We Buy To Order.

Our company has access to over 150,000 cars going through auctions every week. The selection is monstrous, to say the least. The Japanese Car Auction system is the largest car dealer in Japan and all cars can be bought at wholesale prices. We also can contact car dealers here directly and negotiate with them on your behalf. The options we have available to you are limitless as long as your expectations are in the ballpark of realism. A gold plated Ferrari may be hard to find in Japan.

Simply follow the steps below and your on your way to locating your near new car in Japan.

For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
Consider What You Require

Give it some time and consider carefully the options you want in your car. Keep it real.

For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
Use Our Form Below

Use our form below to enter your car request data. We cant do much until you do this 100%

For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
Make Some Good Notes

Note everything down so that you remembered what your ordered for the future.

For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
Pay Your Refundable Deposit

Since you are buying a car you will need to pay a deposit. But dont worry we always get the car!

For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
Make Sure That Your Ready

Things can move fast so make sure that your ready both financially and technically

For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
We Will Contact You The Same Day

Once you have completed steps 4 and 5 we will be in touch that day to confirm.

We Buy To Order, So let’s Get Started

Enter one car Manufacturer. E.G Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Mini, Fiat, or?
Please enter the exact model of the car. E.G Feilder, or C Class, B Class, Suburban, Corolla, GTR, 458 Italia, or
Acceptable starting year for your car.
Acceptable ending year for your car
Enter the car grade. E.G Feilder X, GTR Black, Turbo, 4X4, 2WD
Every manufacturer has a chassis id or model code. It's easy to find by looking here https://carauctionsjapan.com/
Please enter these basic configuration details about the car.
Please pick 1 of the above body styles
Pick 2 Max
If you want two-tone it must be a generic two-tone
Note that the more options you require the smaller the chance we have of actually getting to the perfect car. Be sensible about this. Example "Must have pink seats" or " Pink seats and a Nardi Steering wheel. This is far too difficult

The Hard Work Is Done And Now Its Deposit Time.

Please start buy paying your one time deposit here. The required amount is $1,000 up to the first $10,000 car cost. We will require 15% for any car value above the first $10,000

Your deposit is fully refundable if we have not been successful in purchasing a vehicle for you within your allotted time frame.

Please Note To Proceed We Require A Deposit.

We Buy To Order
For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
Pay Your Deposit here.

I was a little concerned at first but once I started seeing cars in my email account every day it became straight forward. We needed an Isuzu Chiller box truck for moving fish from the port in Papua New Guinea and lucky for us Japan has many of these trucks. Very happy with the result.

For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
Paul Brewer
Papua New Guinea

An Absolute Breeze

Awesome service from the get go. I never had any doubts as Graeme and the team at Auto Trader Imports were on the ball the entire time. We needed an additional Toyota Porte with wheel chair access as our last one was on the way out. These little cars can take a thrashing and we managed to obtain a late model Porte with only 22,000 kilometres. Everything was as we requested.

For the best Cars From Japan see Auto Trader Imports
David Anderson
Upper Hutt, Wellington New Zealand