Young Classic Mercedes Benz G320L

Why Not Look At Japan For Your New G Class Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz G Class of any model has amazing popularity as one one of the best SUV's

What astonishing popularity this car has in Japan. This Classic green G320L was exported to Canada. Canadian buyers love to import cars from Japan not only for the low prices and great condition but because most of these cars are Left Hand Drive. Contact us for your Left Hand Drive Mercedes Benz, BMW or Porsche.

Young Classic Mercedes Benz G320L

I am always looking for a nice Young Classic Mercedes Benz G320L just like this one. As a keen buyer of Mercedes Benz cars here in Japan I have good experience in spotting a bice clean example which this one is. Here at Auto Trader Imports we actually specialize in all classic cars and these newer classic cars.

The envy of many auto exporters and importers long to find a clean example like this.