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With our vast experience we are adamant that we have the skill set to help you on the way to find your car in Japan. Not just cars but buses and trucks also or what ever vehicle you need. We even export machinery. Partner with us and import with confidence.

Your Automotive Partner

Check our service and see why we should become your Partner in Japan and Provide Cars to you.

Finding the right partner in Japan to search, inspect and ultimately buy you quality cars from Japan is no easy task. We know this because we have heard the stories. Yes, there are many good stories and many reliable partners for trade. However, for every reliable one, there is always another trying to get in through the back door.

To become a good our great auction agent in Japan you must first have knowledge. Anyone can make a pretty website full of great words boasting how good they are, it’s easy. But how many can boast years of actual service to the public and still have a great history?

A good auction agent is what you the buyer requires. The auction agent should have years of experience in not just buying cars at the auction but also hands-on mechanical knowledge and the ability to converse with you in a language you can mostly understand.

This person or company is to become your Japan Partner. Make sure their website was not made in 2015 or that they are twelve years old. Talk to them and sound them out. After all, they may be providing your new family car.

Buy a new car from Japan with confidence
Buy a new car from Japan with confidence

How much are agent fees?

It’s a tough one to answer as agent fees vary from agent to agent and not one that we can fully address here and clarify why your agent’s fees are what they are. In saying this I recently talked to a new customer who was paying his agent 300,000 JPY FOB for every car. Any agent in Japan would tell you that a figure like this is excessive. Do not be lured into this sort of fee structure.

Picking your partner also requires this company/person to have fair FOB Fees. You can see ours here which is a very average structure for most agents in Japan. If you see less than this raise an eyebrow as you may be paying more somewhere else. And obviously, if you want to pay more that’s your prerogative, but question why. Make sure your agents offer transparency in all transactions and also ask to see the sold price at auction. You do not need to pay more than the sold price unless you are so badly in love with your Japanese Auction Agent you want to shower them with love and money.

When picking your partner make sure they are available via WhatsApp, skype and other and not just email. Confirm their address and that they have a solid exporting history. Get all these things correct and you may find your right partner in Japan.

However, there is still one lurking problem. How do you know they will actually provide you with the cars that you want.

Providing Cars

What exactly do we mean by Providing Cars (no reference intended) Your Agent or Partner is required to provide you with the car that you purchased and paid your hard-earned money for. We write this as we have heard so many horror stories of folk not only receiving a car that was a different colour or shape or whatever. We have even heard of cars not turning up at all.

This is one main reason why we say clearly above to learn about your new Partner in Japan. You need to ensure that the car you bought online is the car that turns up at your port of discharge and there is nothing wrong with it. If you have paid $1,000 or $100,000 you should get this same car and same service.

So how can you check if you are going to get the car you bought. Below are some easy steps when buying from the auction and stock.

  • Keep a copy of the auction sheet
  • Ensure all information pertaining to the car’s details such as colour mileage and Vin Number are on the invoice.
  • Ask for a mileage certificate (you may have to pay)
  • Pay 50% first and 50% upon arrival (check with your agent)
  • Ask for many port photos with Vin number pictures (VITAL)
  • Pick a good agent? 
  • Ask as many questions about the car as possible
  • Ask for a Jvec inspection (you may have to pay)
  • Get a firm shipping date early
  • If your agent has been in business many years the chances of being scammed are far less. Look for an agent with longevity in the business.

Summing It Up

Mainly keep your whits about you. Most agents are good here but there are always a few stinkers as in any business.

After nearly 25 years in the export and import automotive trade, we have seen as much as any experienced agent. The business is now becoming even more diverse with new agents popping out on a weekly basis. Our goal as Your Japan Partner is to Provide Cars that you want and have paid the correct price for along the way and we would love to help you out.

A good place to start looking for cars in Japan is at the auctions directly. Look here for auction access.

We are a family business and we support families needing cars
We are a family business and we support families needing cars