Car Shipping And Logistics

Car Shipping and logistics for cars from Auction to you.

Everyone wants their car immediately and who can blame them
We totally understand that you want your new car pronto. However for us to undertake that there are some steps we must undertake to get your new car prepared and ready for shipment.

Car Shipping And Logistics

Shipping is easy, Follow the five steps below and you are will on your way to importing your first Japanese car!

If you know this shipping information already we suggest that you simply skip this step and go directly to the Auction or Dealer Stock pages. Read more about our car shipping and logistics below

We take care of all the shipping arrangements for you from the moment you purchase your new car. Depending on which country you reside in, shipping will either be prepaid in Japan or paid when the vessel reaches your shores. It is advisable to have a customs agent prepared to receive your documents sometime prior to the vessel arriving, as this will speed the delivery up for you. We always will be available to assist in any way we can so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions. Below we have outlined the steps needed from start to finish from the beginning when you first choose your new import, through to the moment when you drive away. Just click on any of the steps listed to see what is needed for shipping your new car.

Car Shipping And Logistics
Read Here the Step to obtaining your imported car from japan
Simple Logistics

We want you to be driving as soon as possible. Below is we have outlined the process of shipping your car from Japan. Please note that shipping times vary from country to country so please ask if you are concerned. It’s our job to help you obtain your new car from Japan as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Select your car at auction.

Select your car from the auction system. We will translate the auction sheet and together we decide your budget. Dont forget to have your bidding deposit ready. You can do that here.

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You are the lucky winner.

If we have done everything well there is a good chance we will win on the 2nd or 3rd time as we need to get a feel for things together. When we win you will be invoiced for your new car.

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Payment & Documents

Yes once you have bought a car it will need to be paid. Your deposit can be used as part payment or used for future cars. We will pay the auction and then they will send the paperwork.

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Processing & Shipping

From the time the documents arrive from the auction we start processing your car for the next available ship. In the meantime we will send you some photos of your new car to look over before it arrives.

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Customs & Preperation

Your car has been shipped and is sailing to you. Its now time for you to prepare inland transport and a customs agent to clear your car at the port. We can also offer door to door shipping if required. Its no problem.

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You Have The Keys in Hand

Ok your car is in front of you and you have the keys in hand ready to drive. Note that this car has been on a ship and a port for sometime, motionless. Check the battery and oils etc and make sure everything is ok first.

Who do I use as a customs broker

Contact us direct and we can recommend someone or use Google

How long does shipping take

Shipping time is based on a country by country basis. Please contact us for time to your destination

Will the car have insurance for shipping

We export all cars with insurance.

How safe is RoRo shipping

All new cars leaving Japan leave on RoRo ships so its the safest way to transport your car.

Shall I organise my own car shipping and logistics

We are in Japan and the shipping companies here all speak Japanese so its best we organise this for you

car you desire from Japan
We organise transport within Japan and shipping to your destination.