Importing Cars To The USA

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Using our support and knowledge makes importing your new JDM easy
We aim to take the pressure out of importing for you. We offer advice and support in all aspects of your vehicle’s import process to The USA. If you still have questions we are always available on Whatsapp 0081-90-5400-6384

Importing Cars To The USA From Japan

Documents Required From Auto Trader Imports

The following documents will be sent at the same time by DHL DONT NOT MISPLACE THESE  DOCUMENTS

A. You will receive an invoice from us. This invoice may be requested by customs.

B. 2 copies of the BOL (bill of lading)

C. 1 copy of the vehicle export certificate

Age restriction

Should be 25 years or older to the date of manufacture
Exemption from EPA and DOT standards
Cars that are years 25 or older to the month do not have to meet both EPA and DOT standards. You must hire the services of a Registered Importer to comply with DOT standards for vehicles Younger than 25 years old. Cars that are 21 years or older are not required to meet EPA standards. You must also hire an Independent Commercial Importer to comply with EPA standards for vehicles newer than 21 years of age.

Compliance Inspection In Japan

No inspection required.

Shipping Destination ports

Ro-Ro Shipping, Jacksonville FL, Tacoma WA, Long Beach CA, Freeport TX, Savannah GA, NY. Shipping time will vary from 2-4 weeks from some Japanese ports. Please ask.
Container shipping, Seattle WA, LA CA, Houston TX, Savannah GA,  Example: 20ft container can hold up to 2 Kei truck size vehicles and 40ft HQ container can hold up to 6-7 Kei truck size vehicles. Please ask.

Other requirements ( May vary from car to car )
  • proof of official address registration in the USA
  • Your identification.
  • customs clearance papers
  • export certificate
  • proof of ownership.
  • original vehicle registration papers.
  • proof of insurance.
Import taxes rates and more

Either one of the links below will provide good information on importing and exporting cars to and from the USA
Visit the USA DOT page here
For Tax rates please check here


All payments are to be made by TT transfers. PayPal is not accepted for car payments

Please check locally to ensure that this information provided above is current.

Going To Do More – Yeah Graeme paid me for the 5 stars (Joke) I wanted to award 6 stars when I was asked to write a short review from Auto Trader Imports new website but alas 5 was max. So far my partner and I have imported 2 cars, a GTR and an MR2. All went well.

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